The Baby Sitter Cushion


The Baby Sitter Cushion is an infant development cushion that promotes and facilitates the natural process of a child’s motor development growth while keeping your child safe.

By placing your child into the center-well of the cushion, the child can push and kick against the base of the walls therefore strengthening the core muscles required for propping up, sitting, tummy-time, crawling, climbing, and eventually walking.

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Product Description

The Baby Sitter Cushion

Develop Motor Skills
  • Rounded cushion ideal for use during tummy time
  • The soft, but firm nest-like surroundings are perfect to nurture your little one!
  • Little ones can use it as an aid while they scoot around on their hands and legs
  • Designed to work with the natural process of a child’s development from newborn on up as they learn the milestones of propping , sitting, crawling, standing, cruising and walking; to help advance basic motor skills
Build Muscles
  • Cushion is designed to help infants strengthen their lower backs and legs
  • Helps to promote muscle growth and core strength during tummy-time position
  • Legs and arms are strengthened when place inside and kicks/push against wall of cushion
  • Crawling promoted when muscles are developed and placed in tummy-time position, (child attempts to climb on top of cushion)


  • Made from specific density for highest performance improvements in a child’s motor development
  • Foam from Soy-Based alternative to create a natural and safe product.
  • Center-Well inserts provide additional usage for smaller infants, doubles as a diapers changing-table, and play toy for older children. *Sold Separately*
  • Fabric Covers are removable, washable, and dryer friendly.We recommend you keep a spare slipcover on hand for all the messes your little bundle of joy is bound to make. *Sold Separately*

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 6 in


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