meet the team

  • Michael Rapoport
    Michael Rapoport VP of Business Development & Marketing

    Michael is the VP of Business Development & Marketing of The Baby Sitter and works diligently around the clock to develop strategic structures to efficiently and effectively run the company. He focuses on strategy that takes us in an eco-conscious and socially responsible direction. His daily activities are primarily focused on building relationships with manufacturers, sales representatives, and his amazing team.

  • Mikayla Gowaty
    Mikayla Gowaty Founder

    Mikayla Gowaty is the founder of The Baby Sitter and is tasked with oversight of all operational activities. She primarily focuses on maintaining a structured marketing plan that correlates with the business’s vision. Mikayla, has been responsible for managing all marketing campaigns and securing acquisitions. Albeit we demand her to stop, during her off hours Mikayla can be found ogling through Pinterest and watching re-run episode on Netflix.

  • Diane Chovan Gowaty
    Diane Chovan Gowaty Co-Founder

    Diane is the original inventor of this product. She acquired a Master’s degree in Children Development at the University of Pittsburgh and focused on children with special needs and disabilities in the area of Speech and Language Pathology. The idea originated when she discovered that her 4-month-old daughter needed a soft, safe place to explore her little world. Diane has a serious obsession with drinking tea and coffee!

  • Rui Marinho
    Rui Marinho CCO

    Rui Marinho is the creative force behind The Baby Sitter. With his expertise in everything design, Rui aims to perfect the brand image and overall quality of content that is delivered to the customer. There’s an ancient legend about the great Rui in his home country; they say he was once a mighty warrior that fought dragons and mythical creatures, some say he’s climbed Mt. Everest twice other claim he’s actually found the philosopher stone and has used it’s power to help the needy and the sick. Whether or not these legends are true, to us he is an amazing designer, colleague, and most importantly a father and husband to a gorgeous son and beautiful wife.