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You have a child. She wants to play. He wants to move. Only problem, they aren’t big enough to do it on their own. So what do you do, throw some pillows together? Yet, when you turn around for one second you find them somewhere else. We have a better solution. The Baby Sitter Cushion!

Baby Cushio

The Baby Sitter Cushion

Safe for baby. Convenient for mom.


Improving Development

Propping <br>Newborn - 2 months

Newborn - 2 months

We Recommend Three to Two Insert Cushions

At this age, medical research suggests it is beneficial for newborns to be placed in an upright propped position after feeding. Sitting at a slight incline aids the child’s digestion. The cushion also strengthens back and core muscles for future development.

Tummy Time<br>2 months - 4 months

Tummy Time
2 months - 4 months

We Recommend Three to Two insert cushions

Placing your child on their stomach works core muscles required for lifting the head and chest. This position also allows the child to do mini push ups and roll over, strengthening their neck muscles.

Studies show that in 2015 most babies lack the appropriate amount of tummy time, and therefore suffer weaker core and neck muscles. Our cushion allows the time and space for your child to build these important muscles that will allow them to sit up on their own one day.

Sitting<br>5 months - 7 months

5 months - 7 months

We Recommend Two to One inserts

After months of strengthening their core and back, your child will be able to sit up on their own.

At this stage, place your child in the center well of the cushion in a seated position to strengthen the second lumbar lower back muscles. These muscles are essential to learning to stand and walk.

Crawling<br>8 months - 11 months

8 months - 11 months

We Recommend One Insert to no Inserts

Your baby is beginning to learn to crawl by resting her hands on the upper surface of the cushion and rocking back and forth. Eventually, your child will crawl out of the product; so we recommend extra eyes at this stage to make sure she gets from the cushion to your arms as safe as possible!

Cruising<br>12 months - 18 months

12 months - 18 months

Inserts are optional

By this time your child has developed key motor development skills and become an eager explorer! Get ready because it’s only a matter of time before your child takes their first steps.

You can safely know that your child's first steps and first falls can happen safely with the Baby Sitter.

Playing<br>18 months +

18 months +

Inserts are optional

Odds are you’re child has a new best friend. Her cushion has now become her haven, a place she can go to play, read her favorite books, paint pictures and do puzzles, and lounge around while watching TV, and even taking a nap. At this point, just sit back, relax, and know that your baby has something to rely on.

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A must have product

Learn why Moms and Therapists Love The Baby Sitter Cushion

The Baby Sitter Reviews

  • I had the pleasure of being part of a focus group and case study for The Baby Sitter. My little Emma absolutely loved the cushion and was practically begging me for it when the study was over. We were honored when the company asked us for a photoshoot, and more importantly wanted to have me in it. I felt like they really cared about representing a real mother using their product.

    My daughter Emma absolutely loved this!
  • I was just going through my photos and came across many of my granddaughter, in her Baby Sitter Cushion. She simply just loves spending time in it. My daughter, refers to it as her "happy place"! She is 4 months old now and has loved her donut since the day it arrived in the mail, when she was about 5 weeks old. It was a great purchase! I would encourage anyone who is looking to purchase a baby device to consider the many uses of the Baby Sitter Cushion!

    Darlene Williams
  • I just got my order with the Elephant Extravaganza pattern. Honestly, the pattern is gorgeous. We absolutely love it. So much more vibrant than normal. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the owner on the phone before I purchased this and he recommended we buy a spare fabric. We got it in the same pattern which I love.

    Melissa is the new mom on the block!
  • I love The Baby Sitter! My daughter loved laying in it because she felt supported. Its very soft and warm. I loved her laying in it because I knew it wasn’t easy for her to roll off. Whenever I needed to shower, I would place her in this, knowing she was safe and comfortable.

    I truly do recommend this product for all babies and parents. This is the gift I like to buy for baby showers and I always get wonderful responses about it.

    Rachel Moses – This Product is a Baby Shower Must Have!
  • The Baby Sitter cushion is the perfect height to practice tall kneeling and hands-knees as they are positioned within the cushion or when outside the cushion and reaching inside for toys. The older toddlers like to climb in/out of the cushion or you can hold it upright as an obstacle to creep through. The possibilities for use are limitless!

    Debra Walters – Physical Therapist from Illinois approved!
  • When we were first approached about having this for the younger students we understood immediately. It made sense. But we were 100% skeptical about it's actual usage with older children. So we got a free one to try and this was my response...

    Ahh sorry, now i get it - yes.

    Jennifer in Toronto Say's its a must have in her facility

The Baby Sitter Cushion

As every mom knows, there comes a time in their child’s development when they have a desire to move around but are too young to do so independently.

The Baby Sitter Cushion has no buckles or straps and therefore allows your baby to move freely so they can experiment and learn naturally in a safe environment.

Perfect for the mom that needs to do laundry in one room, use the computer in another, or making dinner in the kitchen, all while keeping a close eye on her child.

The Baby Sitter is this year’s #1 Baby Product in the Infant Development Category helping moms and babies from newborn to age 3.