Happy summer from The Baby Sitter! Now is the best time of year to get lost in a good book. We’ve gathered a list of the best new reads from this year, all by female authors! These books explore topics like motherhood, familial bonds, romance, and coming of age. They’re sure to be a great read for any mom this summer. Don’t hit the pool or the beach without one of these in your bag!



By Meghann Foye

Successful 31-year-old Liz works at a baby magazine. For years she has picked up the slack of coworkers with children, and she’s tired of it. She decides to fake a pregnancy to take a “me-ternity” leave.


One True Loves 

By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Years after her husband disappeared in a plane accident, Emma decides it is time to move on. She reconnects with an old friend and before she knows it they are in love and engaged to be married. Then, her husband is found alive after years of trying to return to her.


Saving Abby 

By Steena Holmes

After 6 years of trying and failing to conceive, a married couple finally becomes pregnant. However, the mother soon falls sick and receives a terrifying diagnosis. Any treatment will put her unborn child’s life at risk. She must now make an impossible decision, her life or her child’s?


Sarong Party Girls 

By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Jane Austen fans listen up! This is a modern day retelling of Emma set in Singapore. This story follows a young woman’s rise in glitzy Singapore as her and her girlfriends search for Western expat husbands.



By Stephanie Danler 

A young, provincial woman moves to New York City and lands a job as a back waiter in a prestigious downtown restaurant. While exploring her new chaotic live in an enchanting city she is drawn into a dark love triangle with two of her coworker. She becomes educated in fine food and wine, drugs, lust, and love.



By Yaa Gyasi

Two half sisters are born in different villages in 18th century Ghana. One is married off to a wealthy Englishman and lives a life of luxury in a castle. She has no idea that her own sister is imprisoned in the dungeons of the castle beneath her, and eventually shipped off to America to live in slavery. The novel follows the two sister’s differing paths and beautifully recreates history with all its sorrow.


First Comes Love 

By Emily Giffin 

Fifteen years ago, two sisters experienced an extreme family trauma. Today they are estranged and follow extremely different paths. As the anniversary of the tragedy approaches, secrets are uncovered and the sisters must confront the issues that separated them, come to terms with their own decisions, and rely on each other.


The Girls 

By Emma Cline

Set in 1960s California, a teenage girl becomes mesmerized by a group of older, cooler girls and is eventually drawn into the circle of an infamous cult. She becomes obsessed without realizing the danger she is approaching.


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Author: Sam Lastres

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