It is easy to become swept up in the million billion ideas on Pinterest of what to do this Fourth of July. Coming from someone who has not been an adult very long, I feel qualified to report what kids actually want this coming Monday.


  1. Be With Other Kids– whether they are 2 or 12, no child wants to be at the barbeque alone or with the only one in their age group unable to relate with cousins or neighbors twice their age. With it being summer, kids no longer see their best friends at school everyday. Try to invite the family of your child’s best friend to celebrate alongside your family. Ask them to bring a dish and watch how much fun the kids have.


  1. Understand What They Are Celebrating– lets face it, some of us here did not know what the Fourth of July was until we reached elementary school and learned a little about U.S. History. Instead, we ate wonderful food, wore red, white, and blue, and watched fireworks that were either terrifying or thrilling just because our mothers said so. This year, ask your little ones to write letters to soldiers before the festivities begin and explain to them what is so special about this certain sunny day in July.


  1. Eat Their Favorite Foods– Pinterest is great. Their recipes are delicious. But for a kid: burgers, mac n’ cheese, chips, watermelon, lemonade and the rest of the classics are all they want this coming Monday. Fancy pan-seered Pinterest ideas are perfect for if you are a naturally great cook. If you’re like me and seem to always mess up grilled cheese, then do not stress over what dishes you will make. At the end of the day, all the kids will remember is the fun they had.


  1. Watch Fireworks/Parade– What is the Fourth without fireworks and a parade? Kids want to embrace the traditions that their parents love so much. It is a rite of passage to lie in a crowded field on a blanket and stare at the sky, or sit in the heat and chase beads like its money. Kids want to be a part of these traditions. It might be a good idea to bring earplugs in case one of the kids is scared of the noise.

Happy Fourth of July!

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