Studies are now saying what we, at The Baby Sitter Company, have known for years!  Babies need to be given more opportunity to move around to develop their brains.

According to Carl Gabbard, Ed.D., and Luis Rodriguesin their article Optimizing Early Brain and Motor Development Through Movement (, scientists now believe that to achieve the precision of the mature brain, stimulation in the form of movement and sensory experiences during the early developing years is necessary (Greenough & Black, 1992; Shatz, 1992)

Gabbard and Rodrigues go on to say, for basic gross-motor skills, the general window of opportunity appears to be open from the prenatal period to around age five. Once again, this is a period in which experience is vital to laying the “foundation” of brain circuits dedicated to motor control. The primary motor circuits that connect to the cerebellum, which controls posture and coordination, forge during the first two years. It is during this period that the child begins to gain considerable experience in the world as he or she “moves” about in the environment.

We designed The Baby Sitter Infant Support Cushion with this goal in mind! It is designed for ages newborn and up.  All the other pillows on the market for babies today either do not provide enough support or provide too much restriction of motion.

Babies need to get moving!!  The Baby Sitter Support Cushion allows them to do just that and do it safely!  The removable, stack-able insert cushions adjust to baby’s development stages.

Check out all the uses of The Baby Sitter Cushion in an array of patterns today!

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