Even though you’re creating and nurturing new life, being a mom (especially a new one) can be isolating. After months away from coworkers on maternity leave and nights in taking care of yourself or your baby, you can feel distant from the social life you once led. Maybe friends live far away or the time apart has made you feel distant. Maybe you’re the first of your friends to become a mom, or not as many people are stopping by the house to visit as you’d like.

Don’t worry! It’s totally normal to feel lonely after giving birth; many moms experience this as part of the baby blues. You can return to a normal, social life but it will take time, and it is not wise to rush into it before you are ready physically and mentally.

A great way to get started without diving in headfirst is to join a community of moms near you. The group support can ease the heavy load of motherhood and allows you to connect with other moms going through the same thing you are, while also getting you back into the social swing of things. Advice and guidance from other moms can also help you in your efforts to be the best mom you can be.

These websites make meeting up with other moms like you easier than ever.


  • At meetup.com you can search for whatever you like: ‘moms,’ ‘young moms,’ ‘single moms,’ etc. and find interest groups near you.


  • MOPS, mothers of preschoolers, is a grassroots campaign connecting mothers of ‘preschoolers’- kids from birth to kindergarten age. There are over 4000 MOPS groups nationwide. By just entering your zip code on the site you’re immediately connected with groups in your area. (mops.org)


  • Hellomamas.com not only connects you with other moms for meet ups and potential play dates for your kids, it also offers answers to common mom questions.

Hopefully these sites can help you get back on your feet, because you deserve to have fun while still being the best mom you can be!

Author: Sam Lastres

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